Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BPCM Fishing Competition.

BPCM recently held the annual fishing competition for its staff.
Some of our friends took part.
The competition was held in Kemaman area.

Our friend Nasir got second prize with his catch.

The top three winners are:
1. Razali Ahmad
2. Nasir Ngah (applause...applause)

3. Radzuan Mat Yunus

Pics below courtesy of Nasir...

~Look right, it's Wan...not the girl in the middle~

~Some of our friends ~

~Nasir and Anuar at the weghing counter~

~Midi at the weighing counter~

~Potret teruna pingitan~

~Nasir catches something~

~On the way...on the way~

~Finally...it's landed~

~Wow...that's a big one bro~

~Nasir with his catch~

~The winning catch at 5.7 kgs~


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