Monday, February 2, 2009

Training Week - Feb 2nd to Feb 5th, 2008.

This week is the 1st Training Week for Shift A in the year 2009.

Day 1
The training is all about Oxidation unit...full day.
In the morning, we had Oxidation theories. In the afternoon, we went to the field for line tracing. Then it's back to the classroom for Competency Checklist.

~Abang Long is the trainer for the day~

~Free meal provided~

~Kat Arab tak boleh lepak gini huhu~

Day 2:
Mohan and Thaufik is away on CEFS training. So we had PTA section training conducted by Din and Azus. Just like Day 1, we had theories in the morning then field visit in the evening. We filled up the checklist after that.

~Master Din giving his view~

~Sifu Azus sharing his expertise~

~Everybody is in deep thought~

Day 3:
Again we had PTA training in the morning. In the afternoon, we had TPM training by Naza. Troubleshooting the Scrubber system issue.

~Wan striking a pose for the camera~

Day 4:
On the last day, we continue the troubleshooting of Scrubber system with Naza. A RCFA is made. Din is getting a RnR maybe hehe...
In the afternoon, Haji Dol comes in for new LEL meter training.
After that, class adjourned....

~Haji Dol in action~

~The new LEL meter Micro 5~

~Nasir finds the LEL meter interesting~

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