Thursday, May 14, 2009

Futsal 2nd Week.

It's been a few months since this blog been updated. Things has been hectic...with the change in personnel...shutdowns bla bla bla...
Hopefully with this post, more things will be updated.

We start with the weekly Futsal game arranged under the initiative of Saufi. He took the effort to send emails and organize this Futsal game.
The venue is Magic Grass Futsal in Semambu.

Shift A and C combined to make this weekly event come true. The attendance for this week is encouraging.
Madi from from Shift D joined too even though he worked last night. To top it all, Nasir came all the way from Kemaman to join the fun..

The game is played for two hours. Have a look at the photos of our friends in action and out of action hehe...

~Teh tarik session before start~

~Warming up~

~Futsal pros in action~

~Waiting for their turn to play~

~Moral support~

~Our Treasurer is all smiles counting the money~

~After the game...exhausted...sweating~

See you guys again next week...


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