Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day Shift - Saturday 16 May 2009.

It's our second Day shift. As usual, we start our day with safety and process briefings. Then we went our way doing what is necessary.

~Shift meeting in progress~

~Din the Otai Rocker~

During the day, we had a visit from RJ. Some positive and improvement comments from him.

What caught my attention is this old Korean saying quoted by RJ
"Bald men never a beggar"
It means that bald men is always thinking and they will be successful.
Wow...that's good news for Midi I know why hehe...

In the evening, we had our monthly Fire Fighting exercise. It's part of refresher program for ERT members.
Mohan decided to go with the basics first - Hose Handling.

~Thaufik as leader giving his briefing~

Two vids that I took of the exercise. One using our CCTV..

All in all, everything is smooth...


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