Monday, May 18, 2009

Futsal Day at Indera Mahkota.

It's that day and time again. It's Futsal time.
This time the venue is at Indera Mahkota. The change venue is to make it easier for our friends living in Indera Mahkota to come for the game.

Due to some misunderstanding with the venue management personnel, the lights are not turned on yet when we arrived. But we decided to play anyhow..

When the lights are finally turned on, the game goes on well.

Would like to welcome Midi and Burhani for coming this week and special thanks to Mat Ros for preparing the drinks.

It feels good sweating and having a fun time with friends. Have a look at the pics of our friends in action.

~Anuar dribbling~

~Supporters...moral support~

~Din and Nasir waiting for the pass~

~Halim showing the guys how to really dribble the ball~

Hope to have more of this in the future...


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