Thursday, May 28, 2009

UEFA Champions League - Barcelona Champions Of Europe.

Ok...ok...this might be a bit off the usual things to post. But this final is a big big thing in our shift recently. So I had to post this up...and this has nothing to do with me being a Liverpool FC fan...hehe yeah right...

After weeks of discussion and a bit of argument about who will be the champions of Europe, the day has finally come. Most of us stayed up that night to watch the final. A few of us goes out with friends to watch the game at cafes.

And the result is Barcelona won 2-0 with Eto'o and Messi scoring on either side of each half.

All I want to say is that Man U could have won the game if they took their chance well. That said, the Man U fans will be disappointed but it's a good, balanced game.

Try again next season Man U. For the time being me and other club fans will be rejoice the moment...until next season...bye bye...


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