Thursday, May 28, 2009

Futsal Day at Balok.

After watching the Champions League final in the early morning, we had our Futsal game in the morning as usual. A sad day for Apek I guess...he's an avid Man U fan...still he's wearing his famous Giggs jersey...

The venue has been changed again to accomodate our friends from Balok area. The venue change did not deter our friends from Indera Mahkota to come. Special thanks to them.

Eventhough everyone complained of lack of sleep, but the turn up rate is good.
Everyone had a good time.
Game started at 9.15 am and finished at 10.45 am.

Have a look at the pics snapped...our friends in action...

~Rosmaini warming style~

~Din is relieved the ball went out of play~

~Anuar preparing to kick the ball...Nasir in goal~

~Nice pass Anuar~

~Imported player from Shift B - Che Loh~

~Ryan "Apek" Giggs dribbling the ball~

~Ahhh...time to rest~

~Mat Jeff backheeled the ball...where are my friends?~

~After the game~

~Nasir is all smiles...because game is finished or Man U lose?~


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