Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bowling Tournament - 25 June 2009.

We had our futsal game in the morning. That night, we had our bowling game.
Since we are working on the actual date of the bowling tournament, we are scheduled to play tonite. Our points will be carried forward to the actual tournament day.

Each of us played 3 games.
Since everyone is having such a good fun time playing together, I guess it's not about winning at's about having fun a shift...

The game started at around 9 pm and finished at 11 pm. Meals provided...

A lot of pics taken...have a look...

~Mafa, Apek, Jaie...Mafa, Apek, Jaie...orang lain nak bergambor gak oiii~

~Papa Mat Ros with baby~

~Mrs Mat Ros with baby~

~Choosing the right size...comfort is important~

~Registering before the game~

~Macam nak rewang kenduri jer beb~

~Bowling or breakdance~


~Style...quality...excellence?? heheh~

~Bowl the pins down MJ!!!!~

~First: Look at the points of other players~

~Then: Laughing hysterically...siap kutuk lagi...~

~Yeyyy...aku kalah~

~England supporter~

~One for the album~

~Hmphh...last year I'm champion you know...this year the ball not good laaa~

~Yeehaaa...this is how you do it~

~Hampeh tul...diaorang gam kot pin ni...tak jatuh pun~

Hopefully, we will have more of this in the's a good and fun night for us all...


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