Monday, July 6, 2009

Day Shift & General Meeting - 1 & 2 July 2009.

We're working day shift. As usual, the day is hectic. We all know how it is with all the bosses coming in now and then and the maintenance work to be done.

The first day went without anything special. The OSBL control borad screen that is faulty all this while is being changed.

On the second day, the plant is down due to agitator problem at OXi Rx B. Maintenance commenced immediately after confirmation that the agitator has a broken part.
Three personnels came in for OT.
As usual, free meals provided when there's shutdown activity....

~Free lunch for all...nasi campur jerr...~

~Cute aa ko Rudy~

On our last night, we all went to De Rhu Beach Resort to have dinner with our Ops Leader. It's also a meeting for us to voice out our concerns regarding the plant.
The food is good and some issues are solved while other issues are to be followed thru the next working day.

~Enjoying the BBQ and all~


~Ngunyah lagi~

~Food is good and almost finished~

~Photo to remember by~

~Mohan giving his opening speech~

~Haji Baha contributing his ideas~

Overall, it's been a good two day shifts for us all.
The meeting with our Ops Leader also proves to be a good time for some of us to voice out their concerns. Thanks to all...


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