Monday, July 6, 2009

Night Shift - 26 to 28 June 2009.

We went thru our three night shifts safely and efficiently.
A few of us took leave thru the three nights. However, we're still above the minimum requirement.
Mohan stressed on the keeping cost at the lowest possible figure...and at the moment we're second overall. So we're still good...

On the first night, Shift A received a hamper from the management for our contribution in the recent shutdown activities. We had some goodies to eat thru the night...

~The hamper~

~Jaie is all smiles~

~Hamper opening ceremony haha~

As usual, when we finished work, we went to have breakfast before going home. We received a surprise visit from one of our old friends, Aris. He is on leave for a week from Saudi. According to him, he's taking his family to Saudi next weekend.

~Aris in his jubah~

On our second and third night, it's routine for us all. Mohan took the day off so Din took over.
Wan brought some fruits from his orchard to share with us all.
Most of us also brought food from home to share among us. It's feels good to do so. Someone mentioned that it feels like we're breaking fast in the month of Ramadhan.

~Rambutans and mangosteens~

It's been a good three night shifts for us all...let's hope for the best in the future..


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